Travel Tips


Travel Tips


You can address the achievement of your visa and you will get all the necessary information.
We provide a highly qualified and specialized team, ready to provide a personalized service and to provide all the information you need relative to your visa arrangements, required for many destinations worldwide.
We offer a fast, responsible and professional service, not using third-party services, thus ensuring proper security to your documents, freeing you from the completion of forms, spendings on deslocations and waiting time in Embassies / Consulates.
After the preparation of your case, we proceed to do the delivery at the consular post and carry out the pickup in the set day.

After the preparation of your case, we proceed to do the delivery at the consular post and carry out the pickup in the set day.



In general, the required documents are:

- Passport or Identification card or Citizen card, for flights in the European Union;
- Passport, for flights outside the European Union;


Since 12th January of 2009, passengers exempt from visa, that intend to travel to the United States of America will have to previously require an electronic travel permit, through the Electronic System for Travel Autorization - ESTA (https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/).


Before going on a trip, all passengers must make sure they carry the destination country's required identification documents. It is important to know the conditions for entrance and stay in the country(ies) of destination: with your airline company or your travel agency or the respective Embassy or Consulate.

Check-in online

Don´t wait to ask for your boarding card. We have at your disposal direct links to the major airline companies so you can do your check-in online, wherever you are.

You should be aware this service is only available to passengers that fulfil these conditions:

1 - Electronic ticket
2 - Confirmed reservation
3 - Hand luggage only
4 - Service available between 24 hours and 2 hours before flight departure, this deadline oscillate from company to comapny.

Use the links and verifiy the conditions to proceed  to your check-in online.

Hand Luggage

Travel Tips


These restrictions do not apply to liquids aquired and packed, in sealed bags, from the shops beyond the boarding card control point or on board of an airplane from a EU airline. 
However, sealed bags mustn't be opened before the screening checkpoints, and will always, if possible, remain closed and sealed until the final destination. 
These measures do not apply to baggage, that is going to be dispatched as cargo hold luggage, presented at the check-in desks.
In light of the developments in 10th August 2006, and in order to protect all passengers against the new threat of liquid explosives, the European Union adopted security measures that restrict the quantity of liquids, aerosols and gels allowed to pass at screening checkpoints.

These measures are in force since November 6 of 2006, in every airport of the European Union and Norwegian, Icelandic and Swiss airports and are applied to:

- All passengers; - Screening checkpoints of all EU airports and their destinations - Passengers are not authorized to transport liquids on their cabin baggage, except individual recipients with a capacity of 100 ml or equivalent (100g / 3 Oz), packed in a closed plastic bag, transparent which can be opened and closed again, under 1 liter.
The following are considered liquid, aerosols and gels:
- Pastes;
- Lotions;
- Liquid/Solid mixtures;
- Pressurized packages (such as tooth paste, hair gel, waters and other beverages, soups, syrups, perfumes, shaving foam and other articles of similar consistency);


- Medical liquids, necessary throughout the entire trip, with their respective prescription or medical declaration;
- Dietetic Liquids, necessary throughout the entire trip, with their respetive medical certificate;
- Baby food

When sought, the passenger must supply or allow an authenticity proof of the exemption liquid, a taste or skin testing.

Hold Luggage

Travel Tips

Pay special attention to the weight limit of each airline. Ask us in advance. If you carry extra weight, most airline companies charge a tax for each kilogram in excess, the tax value varies between airlines.
If your luggage is lost, damaged or arrives late, you have the right to a limited monetary compensation up to 1220€.
However, airline companies are not held responsible if they took all the reasonable measures to avoid damages or if they were unable to took such measures.
For damaged luggage, you must press charges over the next seven days, near the airline, after receiving the luggage. For delayed luggage, there's a maximum of 21 days.

Under the community legislation, people with deficiencies or disabled are protected against discrimination during booking and boarding. They also have the right to assistance in airports (on arrival, departure or movement) and when boarding planes. In order to make care provision easier, it's recommended that you previously notify what your needs are.

For more information visit Mobility and Transport

Travel Tips





- Avoid the transport of liquids on your cabin baggage;
- On the screening checkpoints and before the x-ray device, present all the liquids you're carrying, to the security staff members.
- Request that any liquid beyond the boarding card control point, or while on board an airplane of a european airline company, be placed, preferably, separated from the other items that you aquired in that moment, on a sealed bag, along with the proof of purchase;
- Don't open the sealed bag until the end of your trip, specially when doing a stopover, they can be confiscated at another screening checkpoints.

What medication is covered by these restrictions?
Solely liquid medication, or of similar consistency. Solid medication, such as pills or tablets, have no restrictions nor do they require any prescription/certificate of the medication.

What are the exceptions to these restrictions?
All medication in liquid state, prescribed by a physician or free market ones, by presenting a medical declaration or certificate, that can't be transported in the cargo hold luggage.

What to do when the prescription is left in the pharmacy?
Request a medical declaration/certificate to your physician, mencioning that the passenger needs to take a certain type of medication, or, previously photocopy, the prescription. INAC, I.P. is not held responsible by any security measures adopted in other European Union countries or Third countries, to prevent the apprehension at the screening checkpoints of the medication and/or objets that are needed to take them, this Institute, advises the passengers to take a certificate/medical declaration with them, written in another language, namely english.